The Bed & Breakfast

This was the idea that started it all, the dream of
converting a small town Texas firehouse into a Bed
and Breakfast accommodation for historic Floresville,
Texas. It wasn't easy, but we had a good sturdy
structure to work with and enough room to create
the environment we were after. The result, we think,
is somewhat unique, especially to South Texas. Each of
our three suites,
The Lieutenant's Quarters, The Fire Marshal, and the
Fire Chief, has its own distinct personality making
them "fan favorites" to different people for different
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Firehouse B
and Bistro
Firehouse B & Bistro
1009 C Street
Floresville, Texas   78114
(830) 393-8719
Fax: (830) 393-8926
Belinda Harrison, Innkeeper
Come check them out and pick your own favorite,
plus see how Belinda has built that little extra
La Estrellita touch into each of our suites. No
matter which room you choose, you will experience a
luxurious Bed and Breakfast environment, with
fully-appointed private baths, the comfort of relaxing
in the drawing room in front of the fireplace, plus a
full gourmet breakfast each morning of your stay.
A stay at the B & B also provides you with full access
to all the Firehouse B & Bistro has to offer: gourmet
coffee creations each day through early afternoon,
and the charm of the Bistro and patio deck on warm,
pleasant evenings. Come see us, you won't be sorry.
The Bistro

We gave it equal name billing with the bed and
breakfast for a good reason. When the renovation
began, it wasn't clear how this room would turn out.
But, Belinda and our builder worked some magic, and
voila! Polished, acidized cement floors set off
wrought iron tables, colorful lighting, our Firehouse
theme wall mural and Floresville's best selection of
wines, imported beers and tasty snacks. The result
is a cozy, yet cheerful environment that's hard to
describe until you're there and see it. This is
co-owner Joe Harrison's favorite room, and the
perfect place for an evening of relaxation, both
inside and out (on the adjacent patio deck). Come
by for a drink and see if you agree with Joe.
The Ballroom

Wow! This room stunned us the first time we saw it. Fifteen hundred
square feet, lit by day through 8 of the large windows that this building
has throughout, plus original hardwood floors, now newly refinished
and gleaming. We also added crystal chandeliers and a refrigerated wet
bar. The rest is up to you and your event planning imagination.

The Ballroom is perfect for private parties, receptions, group meetings,
weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and some other events we haven't
even thought of, but you will. This is truly an elegant atmosphere for
any special occasion.
Coming soon!

Ask us about our newest bed and breakfast location, Ogden Cottage, situated in the heart of San Antonio.  A two minute drive
from downtown, Ogden Cottage is a charming little 3 bedroom/2 bath, perfect for tourists who want to stay close to San
Antonio's city center but are tired of the impersonality of big hotels.  We'll be accepting reservations beginning the second
week in June, so call or email us for more information!